52 Ancestors: #10 ~ Thomas John HACKATHORN ~ After the Flood


"The Flood." New Harmony Register 14 Aug. 1875: 3. Web. 11 Mar. 2015. “The Flood.” New Harmony Register 14 Aug. 1875: 3. Web. 11 Mar. 2015.


1828 versus 1875

Destruction and Devastation

“Water, water everywhere! There are few of our citizens who do not know of the extent to which the classic Wabash has, in past years, risen, and but few who have not felt the effects of it in a greater or lesser degree; but such an occurrence as the present rise – the magnitude of which has never been witnessed by any one living – claims more than just a passing notice. January and June freshets used to be looked for in times past, as regularly as those months came round, but for such a rise as the present to pour down upon us in August, is unprecedented and will probably never again be witnessed. The well-remembered rise of 1828 is no longer a data, as the rise of…

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Born This Day in 1868 ~ Isaac Newton WYCOFF

Wycoff, Isaac Newton
Isaac Newton Wycoff (Photo courtesy of Michael Lee Stills)
Name: Isaac Newton WYCOFF

Birth: 26 March 1868; Richmond, Jefferson County, Ohio

Parents: John McCullough WYCOFF and Eliza “Jane” FRYE

Spouse: Emma Augusta VOGEL

Death: 21 May 1930; Martins Ferry, Belmont County, Ohio

Relationship to Hollie: maternal 1st cousin 4x removed