Born This Day in 1820 ~ Eli PITTMAN



Birth: 12 August 1828; Monroe County, Ohio

Parents: Elias Obediah PITTMAN and Sarah Jane PITTMAN

Spouse: Mary Ann TRUAX, Rebecca GORDON

Death: 20 January 1892; Elkhart County, Indiana

Relationship to Hollie: paternal 1st cousin 4x removed

Born This Day in 1899 ~ Lloyd Albert SCHRADER (*OTTO)


Lloyd Otto
Photograph believed to be of Lloyd Albert Otto.
Name: Lloyd Albert SCHRADER (*OTTO)

Birth: 19 April 1899; Plain Township, Stark County, Ohio

Parents: Albert *OTTO and Lydia Pearl MAY

Spouse: Mary Bruce GISINGER, Erma R. Minnie PITTMAN

Death: 03 January 1943; Canton, Stark County, Ohio

Relationship to Hollie: paternal grandfather

* NOTE:  Surname derived from birth certificate.