52 Ancestors: #19 Silas MYERS ~ …There’s a Way.

Silas Myers
Silas Myers (Photo courtesy of Rosemary Hitt)

I have a lot of “brick walls”. Don’t we all? I have a handful of ones that are driving me to the point of insanity and I keep revisiting them, over and over and over and over…

My 4th great-grandfather, Silas Myers, and his wife, Catherine Eades, are one of those brick walls that I keep banging my head against. There just has to be a way to positively document who their children were and to move back in time beyond this couple. There are plenty of researchers that have been looking into these two for years. So…it’s not from a lack of interest from the descendants nor a lack of determination that the particulars of this family have been so elusive. Thanks, in part, to DNA testing, many of us have found each other and are puzzling this out together. This gives me hope that one of us will have a break-through in this line sometime soon.

For this post, I’d like to lay out a lot of everything that I think that I know about these two in the hope that there are others out there, somewhere, to make connections to. If you think this is a part of your family, please, comment and let’s compare notes. You Myers researchers that are out there, don’t hesitate to correct me if I’ve got something wrong here. After 30 years of looking at these two, my notes are, quite frankly, a mess!

Silas and Catherine Marriage Certificate
Silas and Catherine Marriage Certificate

What we do know for sure, is that Silas Myers and Catherine Eades were married 06 March 1806 in Columbiana County, Ohio. We don’t know who the parents of Silas or Catherine are and there are no obvious candidates in the Columbiana County, Ohio area appearing about the same time as Silas and Catherine do. We’re looking at Silas being born about 1788 in Virginia and Catherine being born about 1790, also in Virginia.

Acting on a hint from a fellow Myers researcher, I looked at two names of Eades persons who were married in Columbiana County near to the timeframe when Silas and Catherine married.

Nancy Eades married Thomas Cross 15 Feb 1810.

James Eades married Phebe Whitacre 12 February 1812.

I found that it was difficult to trace Nancy and Thomas Cross, only finding that they had at least one son, James, born about 1820 and that he married (at age 70) to one Mary Oesberger on 21 August 1890 in Van Buren County, Michigan, and that’s about it.

James Eades also proved difficult to find, at first, until I realized that he was appearing on censuses as James “Ades”. Consistently. That gave me pause because I had always pronounced Eades (in my head) with a long “e” sound, not a long “a” sound, but I can see quite clearly how that might also be a pronunciation of Eades. Or we could just be dealing with the whim of whoever was writing the names both on the census and in the marriage register. I haven’t found any documents that James might have signed, yet. James and Phebe had at least seven children that I have identified and I noticed that they had a daughter named Nancy, and a daughter named Catherine, and, possibly, a son named James.

The most interesting thing about James is that he had a sister by the name of Linna (very important) and that she married, yes, Phebe’s brother, Cornelius Whitacre on 20 Dec 1811 in Columbiana County. Her last name is spelled as Ades in the record. Both Cornelius and Linna Whitacre are buried in the Cool Springs Cemetery in Columbiana County. It is associated with the West Fairfield Friends Meeting. Both of these families have been identified as living in Virginia previously, Loudoun and Frederick counties, and the Whitacres seem to be associated with several Quaker Meetings. Because I didn’t find Catherine Eades as a sibling to James (nor Miss Nancy, who married Thomas Cross), I’m looking to see if I can find a cousin connection by pouring through Quaker Meeting records. I think this is going to take a bit of a while. I am not familiar, at all, with looking at these records.

I found another item of interest in a family genealogy booklet by the name of History of Cornelius Whitacre and Linna Ades Whitacre & Their Descendants, July, 1916; written by M. Jeanette Haley.

Snippet from
Snippet from “History of Cornelius Whitacre and Linna Ades Whitacre & Their Descendants, July 1916” by M. Jeanette Haley

Another clue! Perhaps. At present, I am looking into trying to find some Baptist church records in the vicinity of Loudoun County, Virginia. If this Ades family turns out to not be connected to my Eades family, it won’t be the first time that I’ve taken a wrong turn in trying to flush a family out. The things that I keep in mind are that, for one thing, it gives me experience in researching other types of records that I might not have explored. And for another, at least I’ll know what I’m not looking for and I can close that avenue for that line. I’ve found family in stranger ways.

So back to Silas, we know that he bought land in Columbiana County 27 Oct 1804 because we have Ohio Land Grant records. Notice that he is listed as being from Columbiana County (CB).

Ohio Land Grants
Ohio Land Grants

Notice, also, that listed just above Silas is the name, Lambert Myers. Lambert is also the name of Silas and Catherine’s firstborn son (that we know of) and is my line, my 3rd great-grandfather. This Lambert Myers who bought land in 1811 in Columbiana County has been giving me fits for more than 30 years. In my head, I felt that there was surely going to be something linking him and Silas together, but so far, there has not been. Note that the record lists him as being from Loudoun County, Virginia (LO). This Lambert married Mary Eveland in Loudoun County, Virginia and, among other children, had a son Lambert about 1812.

Lambert (from Virginia) had a brother Jonathan, who paid the taxes on the land that Lambert bought in Ohio, but unlike Lambert, actually lived there also. Right down the road from our Myers’. Jonathan also had a son named Lambert, born about 1811. People confuse Jonathan’s Lambert and Silas’ Lambert a lot. And sometimes, even manage to give (Virginia) Lambert the death date and place of Jonathan’s Lambert. But…I digress, and we’ve not even touched on the Mahlons in Virginia or how a bunch of these families are related to the Schooley family. So, no connection has been made to these Myers families yet that might say that they’re kin. But I’m hanging on to my notes because these are Quaker families also.

Page 1SilasMyers1812

Another thing we know about Silas, for sure, is that he served in the War of 1812, 2nd Regiment Hindman’s Ohio Militia. The above is the only paper that I’ve found relating to his military service.

It, also, appears that Silas did not leave a will because one has not been found yet. So we are left to try to piece together who the children of Silas and Catherine are. When I first started this family history journey, I knew of my third great-grandfather, Lambert, and that he had a brother, Mahlon. After coming into contact with others researching the same family, I’ve been trying to come up with likely candidates to be Lambert’s siblings using census records, proximity, migration, and naming patterns. Now, we also have the added information that we can deduce from looking at DNA matches. While most of this DNA information won’t tell us with certainty who the child of who is, what it can tell us is that we are related, and can help us to verify the paper trail.

Following is a list of who I think that those children are. I think that my list might differ some from others’ in some ways, but I feel comfortable with this one (birth dates may be approximate):

1. Lambert (1811-1895) married Susannah Crawford 1830.

2. David (1812-    ) married Margaret Crawford 1828.

3. Mahlon (1813-1869) married Rebecca Hackathorn 1837, married Elizabeth Partlow 1856.

4. *Elizabeth (1815-1848) married Lewis W. Clark 1839.

5. Linnea (1816-1900) married John Heston 1837, Married Henry Criss 1852.

6. Sarah “Sally” (1820-1898) married Ebenezer (Eber or Eben) Clark 1839.

7. Nancy M. (1823-1920) married Emmor (Emmar) Clark 1844.

8. Mordecai (1828-1913) married Miriam Emmons 1851.

9. **James Andrew (1832-1919) married Clarissa Spencer 1858.

* Elizabeth marrying Lewis Clark is the newest bit of information that I’ve stumbled upon. I have had the name Eliza listed as a child of Silas and Catherine for years, but never made the connection to this marriage until last week. Please keep in mind throughout this post that, in the absence of proof of these relationships, what is being done is to try to reconstruct likely scenarios. I have a book of Carroll County, Ohio Early Marriages from 1833 to 1849 and have skipped over this piece of information for years. After learning of Nancy and Sally Clark’s husbands, it jumped right off of the page at me. It makes total sense since Lewis is a brother to Eber and Emmar.

The Clark family lived right next door to Christian Hackathorn and Catherine Phillis, parents of Rebecca Hackathorn who married Mahlon Myers. If this relationship doesn’t prove out, I will be greatly surprised. Elizabeth and Lewis had two children. A daughter, Nancy, born in 1844 and a son, Eber, born in 1847. Elizabeth died 11 June 1848 and her daughter, Nancy, 5 days later. They are both buried in Upper Glade Run Cemetery. The 1850 census finds Lewis living in his brother Emmar’s household in East Township, Carroll County and his son, Eber, living down the road in the household of one Elizabeth Reed, along with her children, Amos and Hannah. Who was Elizabeth Reed? It turns out that she was Elizabeth Edwards, daughter of John Edwards and Hannah Whitacre. Yes. She’s the sister of Cornelius and Phebe, who married into the Ades family.

 And what does all of this prove? Nothing. These instances could all be huge coincidences, but I like to compare it to a bunch of jigsaw puzzle pieces that look pretty much the same and after trying diligently to make them fit – realize that the pieces might belong in another box.

** James Andrew. The general consensus amongst most of the Myers researchers that I am in contact with is that Mordecai is the youngest child of Silas and Catherine and that James is a grandson. But for me personally, I feel that I need to keep him on the list as belonging to Silas and Catherine. If our estimates of Catherine’s birth date are close to correct, she would have still been at childbearing age with James perhaps being a “menopause baby.” The parents on James’ death certificate are listed as “Unknown.”

1850 Census, East Township, Carroll County, Ohio.
1850 Census, East Township, Carroll County, Ohio.

In the above snippet from the 1850 census. We find James with Catherine and Silas and, also, a Mary, aged seven, which would make her date of birth about 1843. We pretty much all agree that Mary is a grandchild, but who did she spring from? In the above example, we also see Mahlon and Lambert and their families. Both of the Marys belonging to them are accounted for. Linnea had a Mary who was born about 1831, but she would have been a Heston. It seems as if Nancy had a Mary or Marianne, but I don’t have a date of birth for her and she would have been a Clark. It appears that Nancy’s firstborn was born in 1846- and was a son. Mordecai had a Mary born in 1852 and James had a Mary born in 1862. So who does this Mary belong to? I have had an uneasy feeling that we might be missing a child (or children) of Catherine and Silas only because of the fact that they were married in 1806 and the first child that we know of, Lambert, wasn’t born until around 1811. Realizing that infant mortality rates were high during the early 19th century, that fact didn’t bother me too much until I started trying to place Mary somewhere into a known family.

After the 1850 census, the Myers family started to spread out. Silas & Catherine and others of the family traveled down to Meigs County, Ohio to take up residence. Some went over to East Liverpool, Ohio, some went out west, and others didn’t stray too far from where they were born. I ran across a 1905 local history concerning the San Joaquin Valley out in California and found an entry for Mahlon’s daughter, Mary, where it was mentioned that her grandfather, Silas “was at one time a planter and owned slaves, but being opposed to the bondage of the negro he removed to Ohio, where he freed his slaves.” So far, I have not found Silas in a single document anywhere in Virginia, although I’m certain that there are possibilities that I have not researched yet.

There is other evidence that has surfaced from Linnea’s descendants, that Catherine Eades parents were Cyrus Eades and a Mary, or perhaps, Mary Sophia, or vice-versa. This comes in the form of handwritten notes in an old account book. This account also mentions that they came from Wales because they were being persecuted for their religion and that they arrived the same year as William Tell. I’m pretty sure that they meant William Penn. William Penn arrived at New Castle, Delaware on 27 October 1682. If the reference to William Penn is correct, and understand that I am a poor math student, then I’m figuring that Cyrus and Mary (or Sophia) are a few generations back from being the parents of Catherine, perhaps great-grandparents. Or that Cyrus and Mary could be Catherine’s parents, but that their families arrived around 1682.

I always take a family’s history, published or not, with a grain of salt unless there are documents to back information up. They usually provide good clues, but I have found many things mistakenly written about members that just didn’t prove out to be true. Sometimes, it’s difficult to separate the fact from the fiction. Which is, after all, what we’re trying to do here.

Meigs County, Ohio Deaths
Meigs County, Ohio Deaths

Silas and Catherine both passed away in Meigs County, Ohio in the year 1875. Catherine on January 15th and Silas on May 11th. I do not know where either one are buried, but I assume them to be in the Chester/Pomeroy area. I’m expecting that at some point, the stories of Silas and Catherine and their origins will come to light because we’re not really dealing with ancient history.

In the meantime, I’ll just keep trying to put this puzzle together…


This is my Week #19 post for Amy Johnson Crow’s

52 Ancestors 52 Weeks Challenge.

The optional theme for week 19 was “There’s a Way”.

Lineage Notecard

Name: Silas Myers

Parents: Unknown

Spouse: Catherine Eads


Relationship to Hollie: maternal 4th great grandfather

  1. Silas Myers
  2. Lambert L. Myers
  3. Mary Amna Myers
  4. Thomas John Hackathorn
  5. Elsie Marcella Hackathorn
  6. Darlene Lois Moore
  7. Hollie Ann Schrader

19 Replies to “52 Ancestors: #19 Silas MYERS ~ …There’s a Way.”

  1. One of my brick walls, Samuel Melville Hawkins (Maine) was the grandfather of my 2nd gr.grandmother, Carrie Evelyn Hawkins – but for years, people thought she was his daughter, because 2 census’ listed her as such. Samuel and his wife Jane raised Carrie – but her mother was their daughter, Mercy. Mercy was raped by members of the Indian tribe that traded at her father’s post and Carrie was the result. Mercy later remarried, had a son, and all three died in a house fire in 1883. Carrie was 16 at the time and still living with Samuel & Jane. It took having someone manually go through the birth registry for Washington County Maine to find the notation for Carrie’s birth – and the writing in the border “as a result of an attack”.

    Stick with it – you’ll find that one bit of info that will take that wall down!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading this long, somewhat confusing blog post. You’re right. I’m sure that some seemingly small piece of information will be the source of the breakthrough (or a whole bunch of time spent in some dusty archive!) Thank you for sharing Mercy’s story with me. I found it quite interesting.


  2. You are doing a great job Hollie. I know there is so much confusion to where the Myers originated from in the states.I still believe Loudoun is the link we are looking for although finding it another story. I appreciate all of your work you have put into this.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks to you Hollie I’m reversing course and now accepting the probility that James Andrew was the son of Silas and Catherine. In a further attempt to make the connection I realized that Mordecai was born in 1828 not 1822 which means the birth of James Andrew 1834 was 6 years after Mordecai not 12 years. All of my research
        correctly lists Mordecai’s birth as 1828 and yet I failed to update my original work sheet so I kept referring to the wrong date. However, I still believe that Mary was a
        grandchild born to Mahlon and Rebecca. Nancy is a complete surprise but I have no
        reason to doubt your finding since everything fits the age progression of Silas and
        Catherine’s children. I am so grateful to enhance my knowledge because of your
        untiring research and plan to comment further when time permits.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks Hollie. Wonderful work and interesting essay. I happen to live in Fairfax County, adjacent to Loudoun. If you have any specific notions of what I can do to help — including providing a guest room to a traveling researcher — let me know.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks for your diligence Hollie. Amazing amount of discovery in the last few years on this elusive family! We are all the beneficiaries of your hours of searching.
    Elizabeth Myers Callahan

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading, Elizabeth! I would be happy if I could dedicate eight or nine hours a day to researching, but since that isn’t possible, I fit it in when I can. 205 minutes while supper is cooking? Let me have a look at those probate records… 🙂


  5. I found this interesting as my GGG grandfather is James Ades, born 12/11/1792 in Loudoun County Virginia and brother to Linna Ades Whitacre. Catherine Eades could very well be his sister too. In the 1880 census James stated his father was a Baptist from North Carolina and mother was from Maryland. Linnia Eades with children and Isaac Eades and children were counted in the 1800 census as living in Maryland, but not in the same household. 5 years later Linna, at the age of 10, moved with the Whitacre family to Columbiana County Ohio, James soon to follow. There is an Eades/Whitacre/Beeson connection from Rowan County NC as all were listed as land owners in the 1760’s. John Ades, also known as Eades, was listed in Isaac Beeson’s will from 1802, probated in Guilford County NC, “…that John Ades now living with me shall have a horse creature when he arrives to the age of twenty one years”. I have not been able to go further back in James Ades ancestry and maybe James, Linna, John, and Catherine are siblings. I just ran across this blog and thought I would interject some information which may be of interest.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bill! I am SO HAPPY to hear from you! I have to admit that when I put out a blog post, I’m always hoping to make some connections. Thank you so much for your input because it gives more clues for us to work with. It’s interesting to note the NC connection as I have not centered any research in that state for any of my lines. Thanks for the tip. Please do keep in touch. I can also be reached via email at: mshollie@gmail.com

      BTW – Have you had any DNA testing done?


  6. I am a direct descendant of Sila’s brother jonathan. I have a bit of a different journey than you but we are most likely connected, Daniel Frost is doing a DNA study of the Myers line who’s main focus is the descendants of Silas. I see you are on Fred Coffey’s list so I am sure you must be in contact with Daniel. There is one thing we can both agree on is that the parents of Jonathan and Silas are a brick wall. I am not sure that Joseph Myers and Phebe Schooley are a perfect fit into the equation. I can tell you they were absolutely speaking of William Penn. The Myers family were Quakers. Therte is also a Lambert Packer Myers who is the brother of my 2x Great grandfather Joel Myers who was a quaker minister

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Zoiya! Thanks for reading this blog post! Yes…I have been in contact with Dan for many years and am part of the DNA study. With so many people involved in this project now, I have to believe that we will soon stumble upon that one piece of information that will pull a lot of answers together for some of these questions. It could be wishful thinking but I’m attempting a positive spin on this. I have run across your Lambert Packer Myers many, many times over the course of my research. Thanks for getting in touch!


  7. Impressive research. I am a descendant of James Cross who is the son of Thomas Cross. James Cross had a daughter Martha who married a Montgomery….in Athens Co. Ohio. James lived in Athens prior to the move to Michigan.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Charlotte!
      Thanks for reading my blog post. I still haven’t made that connection concerning the Eades but I am still pursuing it. Thanks for the hint about Athens County. I have not been near as active with this blog and my researching as I would like to be but am hoping to change that soon.


  8. Hi there Hollie! Hope you are doing well. I recently found your post because I just discovered that several of my DNA matches are descendants of Silas Myers and Catherine Eades. They appear to be related somehow to my ancestors Joseph David (1823-1884) and Anna Maria Brown (1828-1857) who lived in Muskingum County Ohio. My DNA matches with the Myers/Eades connection are in a cluster of matches that also includes descendants of John Witherow (1808-1887) and Louisa Binkley (1814-1886) (migration from VA and MD to OH) as well as Peter Wilt (1775-1825) and Catherine Ernst (1778-1815) (moved from Fairfax Co., MD to Western Maryland). I have not been able to figure out the connection to the Wilt or Witherow families as yet. I would enjoy exchanging our findings.

    Thank you so much for writing this blog post. It’s so helpful to those of us researching the same questions. I hoping to do more of this myself.



    1. Hi, Jeff! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog! It has been sorely neglected for some time but am hoping to remedy that in the coming months. According to Ancestry DNA, it appears that you and I are not a match; however, the link to Silas Myers and Catherine Eades is quite interesting. Information from DNA testing in a group of Myers researchers seems to indicate that perhaps Silas’ mother was a Myers with an unidentified WRIGHT being the father (Y-DNA results). Interestingly enough, I received an email a month or so back from a Myers cousin who also has Withrow ties. In my own tree, I have Withrow/Witherow in my direct maternal line. Catherine Withrow (1801-1845). Her father was David Withrow (1765-1848) m. Elizabeth Isabel UNKNOWN. My line of Withrows came from Beaver Co., PA and settled in Carroll, Columbiana,, and Jefferson counties in Ohio. I have not had much luck in discovering David’s parentage. I have taken note of the names that you’ve provided and will keep checking on them while I continue to research. Thanks for reaching out! We’ll keep in touch. 🙂


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