Born This Day in 1850 ~ Martha J. HILDENBRAND

Birth: 27 April 1850
Parents: Elias HILDENBRAND and Mary “Polly” WYCOFF
Spouse: Noah Shepler REASONER, George M. MOON, Caleb HANK
Death: 15 April 1917; Marion, Marion County, Ohio
Relationship to Hollie: maternal 1st cousin 4x removed

6 Replies to “Born This Day in 1850 ~ Martha J. HILDENBRAND”

  1. Martha Hildenbrand was my great grandmother. Her grand daughter Nellie Marie Reasoner was born in Urbana Ohio. Nellie is my mother. So I guess in a way we must be related. Cheers Gail Hildebrandt

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      1. I was checking out my great grandmothers sister (7 of them) to see who they were married to. I have a list from an old family bible that says there was a Mary who married someone Behenage. But I cannot find the proof of this anywhere. There is a Mary who married a Behem. Could see have been married twice? I’m confused, especially when it came from the old bible.

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