2 Replies to “Born This Day in 1852 ~ Mary Jane MOORE”

  1. Hi Hollie, Just connecting again. My great grandfather was William James Moore 1849-1913. His parents were James Edward Moore , 1823 and Mary Miller,1824.
    Mary Jane would have been William James sister. I think that would make Mary Jane my 3rd great aunt. I never could get past James Edwards father but due to the repeating of family first names in Williams James children I always suspected they were taken from the Mordeccai Moore family in Mooretown.It is a hard family to pin down but we are definitely related.


  2. Just thinking a little bit more. My grandmother was named Mary Jane Moore also. Her parents were William James Moore and Elizabeth Myers.She was born 10/30/1876 and died 3/20/1950. She always favored to be called Jennie and went by that most of her lifetime. I believe I sent you a photo of her once and please feel free to use it if you want. I do remember she always said she was named after her favorite aunt.
    I guess that would make the first Mary Jane Moore my 2nd great aunt instead of my 3rd. I am getting older than I want too.


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