Born This Day in 1848 ~ Matilda GRIFFITH

Name: Matilda GRIFFITH
Birth: 10 August 1848
Parents: James GRIFFITH and Eliza DANIELS
Spouse: Christian Charles HACKATHORN
Death: 28 July 1916
Relationship to Hollie: wife of maternal 2nd great uncle
Matilda’s sister, Rosannah, married Matthew C. MYERS and Matilda’s sister Martha “Jane” married Aaron Jonas MYERS, both sons of Lambert MYERS and Susannah CRAWFORD. Matilda’s brother, Joseph, married Emma MOORE, daughter of Charles MOORE and Jane JOHNSON.

2 Replies to “Born This Day in 1848 ~ Matilda GRIFFITH”

    1. hi, Pam. Sorry for the delay in response. Just getting back into the swing of things after my father died and this weekend, my dog has apparently slipped a disc and we’ve been dealing with him. You and I must be cousins of some sort (maybe in a few ways). My records show Matilda to be the sister of Joseph Griffith (who was married to Emma Moore). Emma Moore was the sister of my great grandfather, William Grant Moore. Several GRIFFITH women married into the HACKATHORN family. My grandmother was a Hackathorn. We should compare notes! I used to have a photo of Joseph Griffith on an old computer, but when it crashed, the file could not be recovered. You can also contact me at Look forward to hearing from you.


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