Born This Day in 1882 ~ John Wycoff CULP

John Wycoff Culp
Naval Base, Philippines
Name: John Wycoff CULP
Birth: 26 February 1882, Springfield Twp., Jefferson County, Ohio
Parents: Alonzo M. CULP and Loretta Catherine WYCOFF
Death: 24 April 1962, Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio
Relationship to Hollie: 2nd cousin 3x removed

Photos of John Wycoff Culp courtesy of Tim Nichols and Michael Lee Stills. Thanks, guys!

John Wycoff Culp
John Wycoff Culp

5 Replies to “Born This Day in 1882 ~ John Wycoff CULP”

  1. Hollie, I’m not going to be able to tell it as well as she did, but my mom (and her siblings) were always kind of starstruck when “Uncle John” came to town. He had an exotic girlfriend (from Europe, I think a performer of some type) and always seemed very exciting and sophisticated. She remembers one time he was late leaving after a visit and so he called the station and commanded “This is John Culp; hold the train!” and apparently they did!


      1. Hi Hollie! I really do not know what I am doing with blogging, etc., so I never saw this question from you! Yes, you are right, she eventually became his wife. I asked my mom about it and she was a trapeze artist!

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