Born This Day in 1927 ~ Wayne SCHRADER

Wayne and Dolores Schrader
Wayne and Dolores Schrader


Name: Wayne SCHRADER
Birth: 16 February 1927, Louisville, Stark, Ohio
Parents: Lloyd Albert SCHRADER and Mary Bruce GISINGER
Spouse: Dolores Mae SOLENTHALER
Death: 05 February 2011, Canton, Stark, Ohio
Relationship to Hollie: paternal half uncle

2 Replies to “Born This Day in 1927 ~ Wayne SCHRADER”

  1. Hi, My name is Laurie Fuller (nee, Schrader) Wayne was my Uncle. My dad was his brother – Junior Schrader… I think I remember meeting your Mom when I visited my Aunt Ruth and Uncle Harold a very long time ago.

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    1. Hello, Laurie! So very nice to hear from you!!! Wayne is my uncle also. I am George’s daughter. Perhaps you had met my Aunt Delores? Uncle Wayne’s daughter, Vicki, and I are the same age and went to school together. I have some old photos I’d like to share with you. Please contact me @ mshollie at gmail dot com. Or you can find me on Facebook.


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