4 Replies to “Born This Day 1818 ~ Catherine Ann R. FRYE”

  1. I agree, Michael. I try to look around for more information that may have come to light since I added them to my tree before posting – the internet has opened up the possibility for so much more history. I always struggle with knowing which spelling of the surname to use. Wyckoff being a huge one! đŸ™‚ I have seen Styers spelled as STIERS in records about half the time. I also have noticed that there are a lot of people noting this Isaac’s middle name as being Newton (like his son’s), but I have yet to run across Newton associated with the father in records. I love it when I find brothers and sisters marrying brothers and sisters! I find that it happens quite often. It certainly makes researching a bit easier.


    1. I just checked my Ancestry tree for Isaac Newton Wyckoff and noticed that my John McCullough Wyckoff has a son Isaac Newton as well. Your Isaac Netwon appears to have died in 1864 and my born in 1868. They would have been first cousins. I have an Isaac Newton Culp b. 1891.(son of Loretta Wycoff) as well, Mom called him Uncle Newt. Sir Isaac Newton died in 1727. I wonder what made him so popular with this family?


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