Born This Day in 1755 ~ Hannah YERKES

Name: Hannah YERKES
Birth: 15 May 1755; Somerset County, New Jersey
Parents: Silas YERKES and Hannah DUNGAN
Spouse: Joachim WYCOFF
Death: 21 October 1844; Pughtown, Brooke County, Virginia
Relationship to Hollie: maternal 5th great grandmother

2 Replies to “Born This Day in 1755 ~ Hannah YERKES”

  1. We need to learn more about Hannah. I have seen information that Hannah Yerkes who married Wykoff is being conflated with Hannah Yerkes who Married Wright. That is, we have the wrong Hannah as daughter of Silas. This would be a good one to sort out.

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    1. Oh! Is that so? I had not heard that…hmmmm….So, do you know who they think should be the father of our Hannah? If I have some time, I’ll try to look into this more this weekend. Thanks for the heads up, Michael!


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